Betty E. Ellsworth

Betty Elizabeth Ellsworth passed away on January 18, 2011 at the age of 90.  She was born on November 8, 1920 in Lansing, Michigan, to Steven and Muriel Carr.

She worked as a bookkeeper at King’s Department Store.  She met Harvey T. Ellsworth and was married on June 15, 1946.

Even though Faith and her family were the most important aspect of her life, she was very involved in several service organizations. She was the past national secretary/treasurer for the 103rd Infantry Division of World War II (V.F.W.), the past District President of the V.F.W., a past member of the V.F.W. Cooties, Post 823 in Jackson, Michigan, the American Legion, Post 248, Laingsburg, Michigan, and a member of the Women’s Auxiliary.  In her spare time, she enjoyed crocheting afghans, tablecloths and doilies for her family and friends, working crossword puzzles and word search puzzles.

She is survived by her daughter Connie (Willis) Gavitt of Jerome, Michigan, grandchildren Stephen A. Mitchell of Coldwater, Michigan, Susan H. (James) Brown of St. Johns, Michigan, Dale E. Mitchell II of Central Lake, Michigan, Dalietta D. Novello of Charlotte, Michigan and Oleisa M. (Neal) Moor of Jerome, Michigan. She is also survived by eight great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren. She is also survived by three nephews, LaRue, Robert and Gary Welch as well as one niece, Bertie Lou Ellis. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Harvey, as well as her sisters Bertice Welch and Hazel Buck.

Visitation will be at the Estes-Leadley Greater Lansing Chapel in Lansing, Michigan on Thursday, January 20, 2011 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, January 21, 2011 at Estes-Leadley with interment to follow at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Lansing, Michigan.

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Patty Gregory-Spyker
January 20, 2011 at 12:03 pm

In January 2008 my mother-in-law, Linda Spyker, asked if I would do her bi-weekly cleaning/laundry job for Betty. Betty lived in our neighborhood. I think about the first thing I asked was if I would be able to take my children because I would have to clean in the after school hours. Thus began our friendship with a woman our friends and family would hear us refer to as “our Betty”.

Our 1st day on the job that January was a “snow day”. Since the children didn’t have school, we headed to Betty’s early. Though it was our first time together, we ended up spending the whole day with her cleaning, visiting and getting to know each other. Later my husband, Henry, would join us with a few tools to reinforce her dresser and the table by her chair. Betty became a new family friend to all of us. When our family members would be in town, I’d take them to visit “our Betty” so they could put a face with the name of the woman they’d hear us talking about so often.

Our “job” didn’t end when my in-laws returned, it evolved over time. Eventually we asked for ways to continue helping Betty and her family since they had a distance to travel to help her out. When the 3rd of the month was here, my kids and I knew it was time to do Betty’s monthly business. That meant we would go to a bank to cash a check for Betty (a roll of quarters and $5 & $10 bills – explaining our elderly friend preferred handling smaller bills, thank you). We’d head to Meijer to do the grocery shopping and sometimes buy birthday or anniversary cards for family members we were learning about. Kroger had a few items that we spoiled Betty with. That’s where we found the Butterfinger Crisp candy bars that we introduced her to, a treat we would buy for her sometimes “just because”. On a first-name basis with the pharmacist at Sam’s Club, I was also able to pick-up Betty’s prescriptions and other needed items. Then we’d head back to the apartment to put it all away and listen to stories from Betty.

This past year my son, Gregory, became Betty’s weekly trash/recycle man. He’d pick-up grocery items needed between the monthly shopping trips and loved being independent and driving to her apartment to help her out on Sunday afternoons.

More than once I sat at Betty’s feet sharing tears and prayer time together. Sometimes Betty said she didn’t know why we did all the things that we did for her. I told her it was a good example for my children to learn how to take care of Henry and me as we age 🙂 In truth we were simply living God’s word. In the Bible, I John 4:19 says “We love because He first loved us.” Our family got to live this verse with Betty. Loving her was easy. Because Christ first loved us, our family in turn could share His love, and our love, with “our Betty”.

Already we miss her.

Emma Jean- Spyker
January 21, 2011 at 8:37 am

Whenever we went to her apartment if I was there she would change the TV program from what she was watching to usually PBS kids. She was very kind to do that.

When she ordered food items from Schwan’s if she had too much of the food items she would give it to my family. I especially liked when she had extra popsicles. 🙂

I enjoyed playing with the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus dolls that she crocheted clothing for.

I was pleased to help out Betty. I always asked Gregory if I could go with him to take trash or get mail.

I’m glad I got to meet her these three years. Now I will have to countinue good deeds like this.

Gregory Planck
January 21, 2011 at 9:06 am

In the past 3 years I have grown to love Betty in a grandson kind of a way. I would call her EVERY Sunday and ask her if there was anything that she needed / wanted before i would head over to her place to take out her trash and such.

Whenever I would go in to her house I would say. ” Hi Betty its Me.” and she would reply with, “Oh hi.” then I would go and put the things where they belonged. After that I would go and sit on her couch and have to take off my coat (it was so hot in there!) but as you get older you like it more warm I guess. she would usually have on the gospel music channel or golf if it was on. I remember one Sunday I was a little late getting over to her for what ever reason; it was about 5:00 and betty was already in her house coat and had her teeth out along with her hearing aid.

So as I walked in to the house I said.” Hi Betty its Me.” and there was nothing. So I put the things on the counter and went over to her and said Hi Betty its me. She replied with, ” Oh wait one sec. honey I have my hearing aid out I cant hear what you are saying.” it was so funny and we got to have a good laugh over it.

We would talk about the weather out side and i would tell her how hot or cold it was out side, just small talk stuff. Whenever my mother would make beef and noodles or something like that I would take some over to Betty she would always be so happy to get some ?.

I can’t remember how we ever got on to the conversation but more than one time she said that if she ever had to go next door (to the nursing home) and not be able to take care of her self that she wished that the good Lord would just take her home. Well Betty I guess that you got your wish.

You will be missed dearly down here as evident by the fact that it has taken me about 9 tissues to type this note. R.I.P. Betty I love and miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.

-Gregory Planck xoxo

Oleisa Moor
January 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm

I just read the posts from Gregory, Emma and Patty with tears streaming down my face. Grandma was loved by many more people than just her family. She was loved by her friends, the brothers and sisters of her church.

In my eyes, Grandma was the perfect example of how we all should live our lives. She never, ever swore. She always said “Please” and “Thank you”, even when she was at Sparrow Hospital and in extreme pain when the nursing staff had to turn her so she would not get bed sores. She was accepting of everyone regardless of color, creed, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. She accepted you for who you were – praised the good and overlooked the bad. She never complained about anything, just was accepting of her life because she always knew that there was better things in store for her when she arrived in Heaven.

As the ‘baby’ granddaughter, I said “Good-bye” to her today. It is breaking my heart that I will never be able to call her on the phone and say, “Hi Grandma, it’s me Lisa. I love you”. I will miss her response “Oh hi, honey! How are you?” We always just chatted about anything (and sometimes nothing) and she never, ever forgot to ask me how all of my dogs were doing.

Be at peace, Grandma. I can picture you up there in Heaven sitting next to Grandpa, holding hands and smiling the biggest smile you can because you have not only been reunited with Grandpa, but also Great-Grandma and Grandpa Carr, Aunt Bertice and Aunt Hazel.

Tell Grandpa that ‘Twosome’ says “Hi and I love him”.

I love you Grandma!
Oleisa Moor


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