Planning Ahead

More and more people are planning their funerals or cremations in advance. No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. Discussing one’s mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic for many families. By procrastinating, family members are often not prepared emotionally or financially to make all the necessary decisions at one of life’s most difficult times. By prearranging your funeral, you are providing yourself and your loved ones with peace of mind, now and for the future. There are many options available and plans to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

Benefits of Preplanning

  • Express your own wishes so your surviving family members know them.
  • You can control the cost of your funeral or cremation plans.
  • The decision to fund for your funeral ahead of time relieves your family of financial responsibility. There are also advantages to paying the funeral at today’s rates and protecting it from inflation. Payments plans are available.
  • Planning in advance allows a family to reflect on the beautiful memories of your life rather than the details of your death.
  • Prearrangements have flexibility to change, update or transfer if you move from this area.

Funding a Prearrangement

Why many families choose to take care of the final expensive in advance.

  • Prepaying relieves family members of the financial burden associates with final expenses.
  • Allows you the opportunity to determine exactly how much to spend for funeral services.
  • You purchase at today’s prices then our services and merchandise are 100% guaranteed. However, the cost of certain cash advanced items cannot be guaranteed. Our policies can be made irrevocable and exempt as a non-countable asset for the Medicaid applicant.
  • Transfers the risk of inflation of the funeral costs to the funeral home.
  • Payment plans are available.

Can I Preplan without Prepaying?

Often people ask if they can preplan their funeral without having to pay for at that time. Yes, you can. Estes-Leadley will make and keep a record of your information and selections without cost or obligation to you. However, non-funded plans do not guarantee the prices quoted.

How do I start the Preplan process?

If you would like to set an appointment or inquire about preplanning a funeral for yourself or a family member, feel free to contact us at (517) 482-1651.

Estes-Leadley provides trained and licensed Preplanning Counselors to assist you with making arrangements in advance. There is no cost to meet with them. Their goal is to inform you about all the options available so you can make intelligent decisions regarding advance planning. We can set an appointment at our Greater Lansing Chapel, Holt/Delhi Chapel, at your home or some other location of your choice.