Our staff is available to assist you at the funeral home during business hours, by phone 24 hours per day, or by appointment.

We can provide full information about funeral arrangements and costs. These days, a variety of funeral alternatives are available and you will find that our itemized funeral charges will be informative and helpful when considering funeral planning.

There are over 30 dedicated people on our staff to provide an unequaled level of service. With our professional staff of funeral directors, we have over 100 years of funeral experience and our facilities are among the finest in Michigan.


Estes-Leadley Funeral Homes provides caskets, burial vaults and funeral service options in various price ranges. You determine the total cost of the funeral, based on your needs and your wishes. You may choose only the items you request. Our licensed funeral directors will coordinate the funeral arrangements and provide staff assistance prior to, during and following the funeral.

We offer a wide range of services that allow you to create a meaningful and unique way to remember your family member.

Cremation/Memorial Services

Estes-Leadley Funeral Homes will arrange for cremation at a local crematory (or out of state crematory), and take care of all of the documents that are necessary for that cremation to take place. There are many choices for services and merchandise that accompany cremation. We offer an exceptional variety of urns, memorial keepsakes and cremation jewelry. We have numerous options for caskets and rental caskets that can be used for those who choose to have a viewing or funeral with the body present prior to cremation. Estes-Leadley will assist you with writing an obituary, and submitting it to the newspaper(s) of your choice, as well as posting it on our website. We will place the cremated remains into the urn or container of your choice and help you with arranging for inurnment into a cemetery. If you are having a memorial service, we offer register books, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgment cards, and contribution envelopes. We provide to all the families we serve a list of local support groups and a post-funeral checklist.

Cemetery Markers and Monuments

We have a marker specialist on our staff who can design a marker, monument or cemetery bench to meet the uniqueness of the person being memorialized. Our prices are very competitive. We can also arrange for engraving on an existing granite or marble marker or monument.

Other Services

Estes-Leadley Funeral Homes can assist in scheduling and arranging of cemetery disinterments/reinterments. We have known shipper status and can arrange national or international transportation.

Items for consideration:

  • Funeral home chapel, church, temple or graveside service
  • Viewing/Visitation
  • Casket, Cemetery Space, Outer Burial Container, Monument or Grave Marker, Urn
  • Family transportation
  • Flowers
  • Clergy/Musicians
  • Newspaper Notice/Obituary

One of our licensed funeral directors can answer any questions you may have. There is no fee for a pre-arrangement consultation and there will never be any pressure or obligation. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment to meet with us.

Service of Remembrance

Estes-Leadley Funeral Homes has an annual Service of Remembrance for the families we have served during the year.

There is a Christmas theme to the service, and some Christian aspects. For more information about our Service of Remembrance, please contact (517) 482-1651.